VCT EMEA Kickoff Tournament: Ready for Valorant Esports!

VCT EMEA Kickoff Tournament: Ready for Valorant Esports!

The hype is building as the 2024 Valorant esports season kicks off with the VCT EMEA Kickoff tournament. This tournament is a big deal because the top two teams from each league get a golden ticket to the first major event of the year, Masters Madrid. Let’s dive into all the cool details we know about the VCT EMEA Kickoff.

VCT EMEA Kickoff Tournament: New Champs and Changes

Last year ended with a bang as Evil Geniuses clinched the Valorant Champions trophy. Fnatic ruled the first part of the year, winning VCT LOCK//IN and Masters Tokyo. Riot Games didn’t sit back; they made some big moves. VCT China joined the scene, and they tweaked the schedules of international leagues.

VCT EMEA Kickoff Tournament: A Kickoff with a Twist

Unlike before, where all teams faced off in a mega kickoff, each league will have its kickoff tournament. Each 11-team league will send its top two squads to the party in Madrid.

Where to Watch the Action

Excited to catch all the action? No problem! You have the option to catch the VCT EMEA Kickoff tournament online. Just head over to the league’s Twitch or YouTube channels to stream it live. Enjoy every exciting match!

VCT EMEA Kickoff Tournament: Let’s dive into the format breakdown of our game plan!

This is a friendly overview on what you can anticipate will happen:

  • Groups and Seeding

All 11 teams will be split into three groups. The top team from Valorant Champions 2023, like Paper Rex in VCT EMEA, gets a bye to the second round. The other teams will be seeded based on their 2023 performance.

  • Double Trouble Elimination

The group stage is a double-elimination showdown with best-of-three matches. The two highest-ranked individuals from each group will proceed onward.

  • Play-In Stage Drama

Second-place teams from each group battle it out in a Play-In Stage. The team with the best record moves on to the Playoff Stage with the top teams from each group.

  • Grand Finale

The Playoff Stage wraps up with a single-elimination bracket. The two winners get the honor of representing the league at Masters Madrid.

Mark Your Calendar: The Schedule

The VCT EMEA Kickoff tournament is a two-week rollercoaster, starting on February 20 and ending with the Grand Final on March 1. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Group Stage: February 20 – 25
  • Play-In Stage: February 26
  • Playoffs Stage: February 29 – March 1

Hold onto your seats because the action is about to kick off!

Missing Piece: Match Schedule

We’re still waiting for the nitty-gritty details about when each match will go down. Once we have that info, we’ll add it pronto.

Get ready for some heart-pounding Valorant action as the teams battle it out in the VCT EMEA Kickoff. It’s a tournament full of surprises, twists, and epic plays. Don’t miss out AGENGACOR!