Anne Hathaway Spills the Beans on Missed Barbie Movie and Catwoman Adventures

So, you heard about that Barbie movie that almost happened? Well, Anne Hathaway spilled the deets on why she’s kinda glad it didn’t. In a chat on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, she spilled the tea on her brief flirt with the idea of being , why it’s probably for the best that the movie never hit the screens.

Barbie Drama Unleashed

Okay, picture this: Sony was cooking up this grand Barbie film with Diablo Cody, the brain behind Juno, doing the writing. Amy Schumer was the original Barbie gal, but in 2017, she bailed, citing “scheduling conflicts” (later revealed as “creative differences”). That’s when Anne stepped into the Barbie heels.


Almost a Splash in Barbie-Land

Hathaway’s Barbie adventure was set to drop in July 2018, with Aussie director Alethea Jones in talks to call the shots. The vibe? Think Splash, Enchanted, and Big. Barbie gets the boot from Barbie Land for not being perfect, leading to a wild real-world adventure. Sounds like a rollercoaster, right?

Lost in Barbie-Land: Sony’s Oops, Warner Bros.’ Cheers

But, surprise, surprise, it all fell apart, and Sony lost the rights. Then, cue Margot Robbie, who came in like a superhero, snagged the project for Warner Bros., and brought Greta Gerwig on board. The result? Billion-dollar blockbuster history.

Hathaway’s Take: Luck in Disguise

According to Anne, “Greta and Margot and that phenomenal team hit a bullseye.” Their version caused a global frenzy, and Anne’s like, “Imagine all that energy, anticipation, and emotion… but it’s not the right version. I actually think of it as a lucky thing [it didn’t get made].”

Robbie Rocks and Praises

Anne didn’t hold back in gushing over Margot Robbie, calling her “sublime.” She’s stoked to see their film smashing stereotypes and making waves. “I love watching women kill it,” Anne added, thrilled to see new records being written.

Missed Spidey and Catwoman Giggles

Now, let’s rewind a bit. Anne missed out on being Black Cat in Spider-Man 4, and she thinks that might’ve helped her land a spot in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. She’s playfully guessing what Nolan might’ve said, like “‘No, she’s busy in another universe’ or maybe ‘She’s already played a sexy, cat-obsessed anti-heroine.'”

Cat Women and Barbie Vibes

Anne draws parallels between Selina Kyle and Felicia Hardy, joking that Michelle Pfeiffer is the Greta Gerwig’s of cinematic cat-women.

Conclusion: Missed Chances, Lucky Breaks

In a nutshell, Anne Hathaway ride through the almost-Barbie movie and the missed Black Cat gig teaches us that sometimes what we miss out on turns out to be a good thing. Her positive vibes about Margot Robbie’s Barbie flick and her chill attitude towards missed gigs show she’s rolling with the punches in Hollywood. Whether it’s Land or superhero shenanigans, Anne’s embracing the twists and turns. Here’s to more unexpected adventures in Hathaway’s Hollywood story. Cheers!